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My Wednesday Letters

29 Feb

When I was little, I remember watching the mailman walk from house to house hand delivering the mail (pretty sure he hit his recommended 10,000 daily steps). When I saw him coming down the street I would sit myself right behind the front door and wait for the mail to drop through the door slot.

Except our door looked nothing like this.

Email, texting, Facebook, and Twitter make it possible for us to communicate within minutes, even seconds. And although I love receiving messages from my friends through each of those …there still is something special about opening my mailbox and being greeted by a hand-addressed letter with my name on it.

Almost weekly, I tell myself that this week I am going to write to my two grandmothers. One just turned 101, and the other will be 95 (I think) next month. I never end up doing it because I think of all that I should include in the letter,  how long it will take to write it, and how I need to print up pictures to send as well. So I keep putting it off. Anyone else do this?

Well last night I decided that today, Wednesday, I am going to write them. Nothing lengthy, but just a note to say Hello, Thinking of you, and I love you.

When I woke up this morning,  this book came to mind.

I read it years ago.

It was a sweet story about a husband writing a letter to his wife every Wednesday no matter where he was.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if my husband did that too? Aw, that’s OK, sweetie, I know you’re way too busy. {And plus, you don’t even read this blog.}

Anyway, this book has nothing to do with writing letters to my grandmas, except that it’s called The Wednesday Letters, and it just so happens that I will be writing letters this Wednesday (today) as well.  Enough about that. But you should read it. I think you’ll like it.

So, I am going to stop writing on here and going to write to my g-mas.

Hoping to send a little love their way.

Won’t you join me & write someone you love today?

you is…

27 Feb

I loved this book. And I mean loved it!

I have no idea why I am talking in past tense when I still very much adore it – as in one of my all time favorite books.

A while after I read the book and saw that it was being made into a movie, I was nervous. I wasn’t sure I would want to see it. Too many times I have read a book and then watched the movie made from it, and the movie  just doesn’t quite live up to the way it played out in my head.

Our own imaginations are truly the greatest movies when reading a book.

I don’t even like reading a book where the cover has the movie actors or scenes from the film on it. I don’t want anything tainting the way in which I imagine a character or setting by the author’s description. And I don’t ever want to know too much about a book before I read it. I want it to be a surprise! Like slowly unwrapping a present. Or peeling away layers of an onion. No, more like the present.

Anyone else feel this way? Or is it just me?

I think it all stems from my mother. I remember her telling me the reason she didn’t like MTV was because she didn’t want us to be told what a song was about by watching a video. She wanted us to intrepret the meaning for ourselves. Use our own imagination. For all I know she could have totally made that up because really, she just didn’t want us watching trash that demoralizes women, but whatever the reason, I bought it.

And I fully agree.

Back to the book. Because it was so dear, I was hesitant to go see it when it came out. That dilemma was solved when my husband surprised me with a date night.

There I was…sitting in the theater…like it, or not.

Like it, doesn’t even come close.

(And I didn’t bring enough kleenex!)

Not only was it just as good as the book,  dare I say…it might even be better?

Did I just say that?!

Last night as I watched the Oscars, I was rooting for The Help.

I was thrilled that Octavia Spencer won for best supporting actress playing the role of Minny.

Though I love Meryl Streep, I feel like Viola Davis was robbed.

And of course, it should have taken the Oscar for Best Picture.

Oh well.

In both the book and the movie, the relationship that moved me most was the one between Aibileen and little Mae Mobley.

Aibileen knew the power of words. She knew that sweet little Mae Mobley was going to grow up hearing lies from the world around her…and believing them. Even from those who loved her most.  Aibileen  knew she needed to instill truth into that little girl as best she could.

These three simple sentences speak volumes of love, encouragement, and self-worth.

I tear up every time I think of them.

And don’t you forget…

yes you, beautiful soul who is reading this…

you is


Movie Night & My Husband Rocks

26 Feb

You might be a little jealous, and really, it’s understandable.

Last Saturday evening, after the kids were in bed, my husband surprised me by running out and renting us a movie. I figured it would be the newest action or war movie release when I casually picked up the DVD and saw this…

I couldn’t believe he would actually want to sit through this with me! Granted, he has seen every other one, but I didn’t think he would ever go out and rent this on purpose!

Sweet guy.

Now, you see, I am a Twilight fan. I love the books and have been to all the opening midnight showings, which I am too old to do cause it kills me the day, but it’s just too fun to miss! All that to say, I am fully aware that the movies are harder for people to understand who have not read the books and that they are pretty cheesy and sometimes awkward.

So, I kept asking him if he was sure he wanted to watch it. I warned him of the cheesy & awkward scenes. He still said he wanted to. So, I made him promise not to laugh or make obnoxious comments.

He promised.

If you haven’t read the books or seen the movie, it’s basically about Bella and Edward’s wedding and honeymoon. And then some other weird stuff, which I won’t talk about.

After the wedding,

he whisks her away to a private island…

They eat breakfast together,

and they do cute things like this.

But then,

there is this scene…

I gave him permission to laugh. I mean, how do you not?

Maybe you can’t appreciate this if you haven’t seen it, but sometimes a scene from a book just does not translate well to the big screen. This was one of those scenes. And it was even the worst one.

My thoughtful husband made it through the whole movie with minimal snickering and sarcastic remarks.

Bonus points for him!

It was a lovely evening and I knew I would have the most dreamiest sleep because as I fell into bed, I laid my head ever so softly on this*

Sweet dreams my friends….

*Disclaimer: I did not actually go to sleep on this pillow. I do own this pillow case, courtesy of my midnight-showing partner-in-crime, Sally (best gift ever) but do not want to mislead you, nor do I want to give my husband any reason to not want to see Breaking Dawn, Part 2. Edward belongs in the movies. Not in my bed.

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Post #1 {because I can’t think of a good title & if I keep waiting to figure one out, I may never post anything}

25 Feb

You have no idea how hard this was for me to press publish.

Really. Hard.

The reason is because I want to have that beautiful, cool looking blog. Right from the beginning. With my first post. I just couldn’t imagine posting anything publicly if my blog isn’t totally completed.  If my pictures weren’t sized correctly.  If it wasn’t just Perfect. And it doesn’t help that I have no idea how to resize photos or upload whatever or format this & that.

This is a reoccuring theme in my life…If I can’t do it right away just how I want it, I won’t do it at all.

So, you know this quote?

Just the other day as I was sweeping my garage,  I had an ah-ha moment. I bet you didn’t know that sweeping your garage can really channel some deep thoughts and personal reflection. Well, it does. You should try it. Anyway,  I realized that with many things in my life, I only want the destination. I want to skip everything, skip the process so I can get to the end and be done. But be done with what exactly?

I would completely miss the journey. I would miss the evolution of me.

Whoa, this is all getting a little too deep for me.

But do you see what I’m saying?

So, I was recently talking to a couple of new friends about blogs. They said some good stuff.

One said, “Just start…start small.” Or something like. Short,sweet, and to the point. So here I am people. I am starting. I’m starting on this journey. Not starting with the destination.  I’m doing it anyway!

The other one said something about how blogs always show the best side of the people who write them. And it’s true. I look at blogs and the {usually} women who write them and I think to myself

oh, she has the perfect family


wow, she is so beautiful,

and even

holy cow, she made pink homemade pancakes in the shape of hearts outlined with strawberries and topped with a syrup smiley face for her kids on Valentine’s morning.

I think mine got the cereal crumbs.

So in an effort to be completely transparent and myself, the whole self and nothing but myself…this is how my day began…

Don’t be distracted by the messy counter top. I couldn’t figure out how to crop this thing!

Anyway, there I am. This is EXACTLY what you would have seen if you met me and my kids at the bus stop this morning. I’m not joking.

When I got home and caught a glance in the mirror, I first thought about how nasty my hair was, but then I thought of someone I kind of resembled… a someone kinda famous… a real smarty pants if you ask me.

Do you see it? The hair? We have the same hair! And mine would totally look like his if I didn’t have a date with Clairol every month.

So there you have it. The beginning of me (or at least on this blog), mistakes, small photos, ugly hair and all. Come along for the ride. And you know, if you follow this blog, you just might be following a genius. Just sayin’.