Movie Night & My Husband Rocks

26 Feb

You might be a little jealous, and really, it’s understandable.

Last Saturday evening, after the kids were in bed, my husband surprised me by running out and renting us a movie. I figured it would be the newest action or war movie release when I casually picked up the DVD and saw this…

I couldn’t believe he would actually want to sit through this with me! Granted, he has seen every other one, but I didn’t think he would ever go out and rent this on purpose!

Sweet guy.

Now, you see, I am a Twilight fan. I love the books and have been to all the opening midnight showings, which I am too old to do cause it kills me the day, but it’s just too fun to miss! All that to say, I am fully aware that the movies are harder for people to understand who have not read the books and that they are pretty cheesy and sometimes awkward.

So, I kept asking him if he was sure he wanted to watch it. I warned him of the cheesy & awkward scenes. He still said he wanted to. So, I made him promise not to laugh or make obnoxious comments.

He promised.

If you haven’t read the books or seen the movie, it’s basically about Bella and Edward’s wedding and honeymoon. And then some other weird stuff, which I won’t talk about.

After the wedding,

he whisks her away to a private island…

They eat breakfast together,

and they do cute things like this.

But then,

there is this scene…

I gave him permission to laugh. I mean, how do you not?

Maybe you can’t appreciate this if you haven’t seen it, but sometimes a scene from a book just does not translate well to the big screen. This was one of those scenes. And it was even the worst one.

My thoughtful husband made it through the whole movie with minimal snickering and sarcastic remarks.

Bonus points for him!

It was a lovely evening and I knew I would have the most dreamiest sleep because as I fell into bed, I laid my head ever so softly on this*

Sweet dreams my friends….

*Disclaimer: I did not actually go to sleep on this pillow. I do own this pillow case, courtesy of my midnight-showing partner-in-crime, Sally (best gift ever) but do not want to mislead you, nor do I want to give my husband any reason to not want to see Breaking Dawn, Part 2. Edward belongs in the movies. Not in my bed.

Sources: Pictures PillowCase

One Response to “Movie Night & My Husband Rocks”

  1. Judy Nadler February 26, 2012 at 5:37 pm #

    Love the date night idea….easier for those of us with an empty nest, so he gets extra points on the “My husband rocks” meter!
    xx and keep dancing!

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