The Flags of my Life

12 Mar

My post last night got me thinking about all the different places I’ve lived. Growing up I just thought I’d always live on the west coast. I was happy with Washington or California. I even would have considered Oregon. Never would I have imagined moving to a completely different region of the country. But like I said before, I love it here. Each city so unique. Each state full of history.  So here’s a little glimpse of my life journey thus far, using state flags. Yeah, i don’t know where I come up with this nonsense either.


In 1991 Washington state celebrated it’s bi-centennial.  It was a fabulous year for the state with parades and parties every weekend. OK, not really.

The reason I remember this monumental year was because in one of my classes we were to draw a picture of the state flag as part of a report.  No big deal, right?

Washington State Flag

Um, you try drawing that presidential face. *Wonky* wouldn’t even come close to the description of my artistic interpretation. Why couldn’t I live in a state with an easier flag to draw?!

As luck would have it, I eventually would.  Actually a few.

After living here

California State Flag

during college  (which also would have been difficult for me to draw),

I married me a Texan.

And we all know about Texas pride and how they especially love their flag.

Texas State Flag

I didn’t think anyone could plaster their state flag on as many things as they did until…

South Carolina State Flag

…we moved to The Palmetto State.

South Carolinians take state pride to a whole new level {or at least flag pride}.

You can find this image on just about any piece of merchandise, clothing, product you can imagine. I’m not kidding. There is even a store Palmetto Moon, dedicated to all things South Carolina.  But you can see why, right? It’s totally cute. I dropped my Texas pride and adopted this one instantly.

So naturally, when I found out we were moving to Tennessee,  I couldn’t wait to see what their flag looked like. I am fully aware that that is not the first thing people look up when they are moving to a new place, but after living in the last two states, I was excited to see my new flag identity….

Tennessee State Flag

 I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed. I guess there isn’t much that can top the palmetto moon of South Carolina. This one was pretty basic and had the traditional red, white, and blue. At least my kids will be able to draw this for a project. In the 3 years we have lived here, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen this flag displayed. Anywhere. Probably at the capitol building. I would think.

Then last fall, I found out we will be moving to Alabama.

WHAT?! Alabama??? Whoa!

My brother didn’t make it any better when he said, “Dude. Amber, you’re moving to the dirty south.”

But that’s kinda how I felt.

After the initial shock, I calmed down. Though I was not thrilled (at all!) with this move, I thought … There is hope! Maybe Alabama has a flag worthy of displaying on my car. I whipped out my phone and googled “Alabama State flag”

and what to my wondering eyes should appear…





Alabama State Flag


’nuff said.

{Flag Source}

2 Responses to “The Flags of my Life”

  1. Wright March 12, 2012 at 7:19 pm #

    As a kid I always loved looking at the flags section in the encyclopedia. As far as the Alabama flag..Yikes!

  2. Mikel Lyman March 19, 2012 at 1:11 pm #

    You are an experienced traveler for sure! Good luck in the the south sweets….and much love to you. xoxo

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