A Lasso of Love {Someone Threw Me a Rope}

21 Mar

Over at the Brave Girls blog, they have been posting a series called Someone Threw me a Rope. Well, it got me thinking about a time when I was so graciously tossed a rope. Thought I’d share….

It was the very first time in my life that I had ever moved to a new city where I knew absolutely NO ONE! Not a soul. I didn’t know my way around. I didn’t have a friend to call if I got lost (and I didn’t even have a smart phone/gps – imagine that!). My two little girls ages 4 & 2 got bored real quick just hanging out at the house with me. They wanted to play and meet some friends. I wanted friends too.  But I was so tired.

I was pregnant with my third baby and feeling very sick. My husband was working a ton. And when he was home, he was either exhausted or post call and sleeping. He didn’t have any consistent days off. There were many weeks without a weekend. I rarely got a break. I was lonely, sad, and so tired.

I felt defeated.

Then one morning in January when I was about 30 weeks pregnant {napping on the couch while my girls were zoned out on Sesame Street}, I got a call from a “friend” or at the time, more of an acquaintance.

I had met her in the fall at Barnes & Noble. I recognized her daughter from church and so I introduced myself. She told me that she and her husband had moved from San Diego just a few years before. A connection! She’s from the west coast! She moved here not knowing anyone either! Plus two of her kids were the same age as mine! She was so kind and invited me to go to a bible study at church. I went for a while and had a few picnics with her afterwards.

A few months passed by and I wasn’t in the bible study anymore and was attending a different church. I hadn’t talked to her in quite some time.

But then she called that January morning.

“Do your girls want to go to a park with us this morning?” she asked.

“Sure. They would love to get out. What park should we meet at?”

“No. Not you. Just your girls. Can I pick up them up and take them to the park with us?”

I didn’t understand. She didn’t want me to meet her there? She just wanted to take my girls? To add them with her 3 kids…was she out of her mind?

She must have known what I was thinking…

“Amber, I’ve been where you are.  Pregnant and tired, in a new city with no family around. I know what it’s like. I want to give you a break and take your girls out so you can rest.”

WHAT?! Did I hear that correctly?!

“Um…are you sure?” I think I said trying to keep the lump in my throat at bay.

“Yes! I’ll be there in an hour. See you then.”

She came and picked up my girls {who were so excited to go play with their new friends} that morning. And then she did it the next week. And the one after that. She did this every week until my son was born.

She didn’t just throw me a rope.

No, she took that rope, tied a knot and threw out a lasso.

It landed on my heart and her love wrapped all around me. Just because she knew. She may not have known me well, but she knew what I needed because

she had been there too.

One day after my son was born {and I was functioning again}, we met at a park to hang out and let the kids play. I asked her what I could do for her since she had done so much for me. Because how do you repay kindness like that? A thank you note? A gift card? There isn’t anything that would even come close. I thought I could do something for her.

Then she told me this:  “When I was new here and pregnant with my third, someone did the same thing for me. She took my two other kids once a week and gave me time to rest. I wanted to pay her back in some way too. But she told me what I’m going to tell you. Do this for someone else. Next time you meet someone who is pregnant, do it for them. Find a person to help. That is how you can repay me.”

A few weeks later, I was at the neighborhood pool. My youngest daughter tugged on my shirt, “Mommy. That girl is in my Sunday school class,” she said pointing to a little girl walking through the pool gate. Her dad and {pregnant!} mother followed.

We went over to introduce ourselves. Come to find out that they just moved to town a few months before and were expecting there 2nd baby in a month. The mom shared how she had been really sick with this pregnancy and was very tired all the time.

This is it! This is my person!

I got out my rope and tied a knot.

I knew exactly where my lasso was going to land.



you can meet my awesome lasso throwing friend, Jennifer, right here…

2 Responses to “A Lasso of Love {Someone Threw Me a Rope}”

  1. Mikel Lyman March 22, 2012 at 10:49 am #

    Amber… what an inspiration! Thank you for sharing that incredible story. It reminds me of a friend I need to lasso. xoxo Mikel

  2. patrice longmire March 28, 2012 at 3:26 am #

    Sweet evening!!! What a cutie pie…. Loving you so!!!

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