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I’ll Show You Mine…

18 May

Over at Jeanne Oliver’s blog, she is doing a little series every Wednesday this month called “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.”

{Get your mind out of the gutter!}

This week she is showing what is in her purse. I think last week might have been about make-up, so bonus for me cause ALL my make-up is in my purse…sad, but true.

And you guys can thank me later cause I just cleaned out my purse last week. So no smashed goldfish or extra pacifiers. Yes, it’s still shocking to me too that this much crap is in my bag after I cleaned it out.

So without further adieu…

1) my purse: which I LOVE!!!! I was sad to have to retire my most favorite pleather bag from Target, but this little number makes me happy.

2) a Chuy’s gift card {I wish it were a tortilla}

3) My all-time favorite wallet/wristlet because it has a place to hold my phone and a clip for my keys. It may not be the most attractive thing, but when i need to run a quick errand, I just grab that and go.

4) a JoAnn’s receipt

5) check book (who the heck writes checks anymore?!)

6) a map of Belmont University

7) keys

8) blue ballpoint pen

9) #2 pencil

10) mechanical pencil

11) sharpie

12) phone

13) bobby pins and 2 clips

14) gum wrapper

15) 3 tubes of Cover Girl Outlast Lipshine: 2 of them are #310 Sleek Suede  and then I got all adventurous the other day and thought I’d try a new color #245 Berry Blast…that was a mistake.

16) mascara: Cover Girl Lash Blast (apparently I need two…one for each eye, maybe?)

17) eyeliner: Revlon Color Stay “blackberry”

18) a mustache

19) little journal, to clear my mind of all the nonsense

20) a business card from my most favorite store in town that makes me smile every time I look at it 🙂

21) sunglasses: my one and only pair… if I lose them, I will cry

22) hand sanitizer: Bath & Body Works, Caribbean Escape

23) $21 CASH! {which I never have…score!}

So there you have it folks. I know you’ll be able to sleep better at night now.

You’re welcome.