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Being Taken Care Of

13 Apr

My husband takes care of people for a living. He works long hours. Usually when he comes home, he’s so exhausted that he just collapses. {I secretly take pictures of him when he accidentally falls asleep… hee hee} So sometimes, when he get home from work we don’t always get the best of him. Sometimes, it’s just the left overs. Not his fault. Just the nature of the beast.

Yesterday afternoon, I was out with the kids in the backyard when my throat started hurting, really bad. My head ached and just felt yucky.

I was sick.

Thankfully, my guy came home early. It was about 5:15pm when he walked in the door. I asked it I could please sneak away to our room and take a little nap.

He said yes.

I woke up around 9pm to him serving me grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup in bed.


We didn’t have those things in the pantry so I knew he had run to the store.

Oh, how I felt so loved.

Then he fed me ever so sweetly.

Um, no he didn’t. But it sounded good.

He crawled into bed, and we watched New Girl on Hulu.


Have you seen this? It cracks me up!

We concluded that there is a lot of sex going on in that show. Me and my naive self chooses to think that all that sleeping around doesn’t happen in the real world.

And so, I continue to live happily in my denial sheltered bubble.

Anyway, it wasn’t the evening I had planned, (had lots to get done and missed something I was supposed to go to), but it ended up being so restful and relaxing. All because my guy took such good care of me.

And he didn’t even get paid for it. Well, at least not monetarily… {wink wink}.  Just kidding.