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Living Free {An Authentic Life}

4 Jul

We desire human connection. In order to have a genuine connection with someone else, we have to be authentic. We have to be real. Which in turn means, we have to be vulnerable.

{If you haven’t watched this TED talk: The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown, you must. It’s amazing. It’s everything I’ve learned this last year all in one little 20 minute video.}

Now I’m not saying you have to go start a blog and spill your heart out to the world (what kind of crazy person does that?…um, don’t answer that).

It takes baby steps. It takes choices. And it starts with one person.


You have to decide to be honest with yourself. Do not to shove those feelings of hurt, loneliness, hardship under the rug anymore.

You must decide to acknowledge them. Do not dismiss them as weakness or a lack of faith.

Don’t ignore them anymore.

I believe when we can admit to ourselves the truth,  a burden is lifted off our shoulders. It frees us up. And when you can share it with a trusting friend (or counselor), your burden will only get lighter, and you will have the comfort of knowing you are not walking through this messy life alone.

I believe it is then, and only then that you will be on your way to living a more real, authentic life…

the life you were created to live.

The other day I was telling Hayden that even though it is still unnerving when friends and family tell me they have read this blog, there is a freedom in it too.

I don’t have to hide anymore. I don’t have to pretend I’m something I’m not.

I think the wise words of Kramer sum it up best.

“I’m out there, Jerry, an’ I’m lllovin’ every minute of it!!!

…I’m free, an’ unfettered….”

Yes! and amen.

Hope you have an awesome day celebrating our freedom!

Happy 4th my friends!

Being Taken Care Of

13 Apr

My husband takes care of people for a living. He works long hours. Usually when he comes home, he’s so exhausted that he just collapses. {I secretly take pictures of him when he accidentally falls asleep… hee hee} So sometimes, when he get home from work we don’t always get the best of him. Sometimes, it’s just the left overs. Not his fault. Just the nature of the beast.

Yesterday afternoon, I was out with the kids in the backyard when my throat started hurting, really bad. My head ached and just felt yucky.

I was sick.

Thankfully, my guy came home early. It was about 5:15pm when he walked in the door. I asked it I could please sneak away to our room and take a little nap.

He said yes.

I woke up around 9pm to him serving me grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup in bed.


We didn’t have those things in the pantry so I knew he had run to the store.

Oh, how I felt so loved.

Then he fed me ever so sweetly.

Um, no he didn’t. But it sounded good.

He crawled into bed, and we watched New Girl on Hulu.


Have you seen this? It cracks me up!

We concluded that there is a lot of sex going on in that show. Me and my naive self chooses to think that all that sleeping around doesn’t happen in the real world.

And so, I continue to live happily in my denial sheltered bubble.

Anyway, it wasn’t the evening I had planned, (had lots to get done and missed something I was supposed to go to), but it ended up being so restful and relaxing. All because my guy took such good care of me.

And he didn’t even get paid for it. Well, at least not monetarily… {wink wink}.  Just kidding.


Southern Sundays

12 Mar

Has anyone else watched this new show on ABC?

It’s called GBC

{Good Christian Belles or Good Christian somethin’-that-rhymes-with-witches}

It takes place in Dallas, Texas.

About well, a bunch of housewives, wealthy women, you know… the same old story.

I really wanted to watch the pilot last Sunday. You know, to see if it would be any good. To see if I should commit an hour each week to this highly mental stimulating show.

After watching it, I thought it was just a little too much. Too many obnoxious characters, too much christian stuff, just over-the-top.

But then again, isn’t that Texas for ya?

So this week, I thought I’d watch it again. Give it another try.

It was still over the top, but I laughed {again}. At the end of the show, the story line got kind of serious and my husband says, “Well, maybe there is a good message in this show after all.” Maybe, but I doubt it. Oh, did I forget to mention that he has been watching these with me? Yup, he’s great like that.

There are a lot of stereotypes in this show. But after living in Texas, I know some of these to be true. Some. Not all. So yeah, I thought it was a funny show. Do other people think that as well? I’m curious to know.

It got me thinking about how I have lived in the south for over 10 years. I remember when I first moved to Texas and the culture shock I experienced.  Then we moved to Charleston and that was a whole different kind of southern culture. Nashville seems the most mild so far, but I think I may be heading into the deep south if we move down to Birmingham. {Lord help me!}

After living here for over a decade,  there are some things I can’t remember if “normal” here was “normal” on the west coast. And I recently have realized that things I used to be surprised or shocked by no longer do.  Accents don’t make me giggle anymore. I know what “fixin’ to” and “all y’all” mean. I have tried and do not like grits. There are way too many bugs here. Monograms everywhere. And smocking…oh, the smocking.

All that to say…I do love it here.

In honor of GCB, I thought I might take the next few Sundays to tell you a little about this place I call home…

The South.


One of the very first things that I was surprised by was something that actually happens on Sundays. Yes, church of course. Duh. But I was reminded of this today when I wanted to head over to Hobby Lobby to pick up a couple of craft supplies.

Doh! Closed on Sundays!

I couldn’t believe that a big chain crafting store was actually closed on Sundays!

Then, to make matters worse… Chick-fil-a.

This video says it all.

There are a few other stores that I can’t think of off the top of my head, but still, more stores were closed on Sundays than I was used to.

Even though it might be an inconvenience to me, I am glad they do it. I’ve got six other days to shop and eat chicken sandwiches. I think I’ll survive.